We offer wide range of Thixotropes for various applications for both Solvent based and Water based systems, ranging from Pre-activated paste types to powder types including the Hybrid ones.
We are strong with Organic type thixotropes.

Disparlon Thixotropes for Aqueous Systems

Disparlon Thixotropes are available for Aqueous systems for application in water reducible systems to Dispersion and Emulsions.

PRODUCT Application
AQ-001 Emulsion
AQ-580 Water reducible systems
AQ-600 Water reducible systems
AQ-607 Dispersion and Emulsion
AQ-610 Dispersion and Emulsion
AQ-630 Water reducible systems
AQ-633E Water reducible systems
AQ-870 Water reducible systems
AQX-60 Dispersion and Emulsion
AQX-61 Dispersion and Emulsion

Disparlon Powder Thixotropes

Disparlon has a wide range of powder thixotropes for suiting various application in Marine coating Sealant market, Adhesives and Caulks.

PRODUCT Application
6300 Anti - Sagging for solvent free primer
6500N Anti - Slump for sealant adhesives
6600 Anti - Sagging for primer
6650 Anti - Sagging for primer
6700 Anti - Sagging for primer

Disparlon Pre-activated Type Thixotropes SOLVENTBORNE

Disparlon Preactivated thixotropes needs no heating and offer wide choice of unique products for conventional systems, Industrial applications for Primers and Maintainance wood coatings. Their primary advantages over other types of thixotropes (organo-clay, castor wax or fumed silica) are,

  • Superior Shear Thinning
  • Non-seeding
  • Maximum anti-sagging/anti-settling
  • Excellent stability on aging
  • Superior performance in high gloss systems
  • Can be used in clear systems
PRODUCT Application
6900-HV / 6900-20X / 7000ICW / 8000ICW Universal thixotropic agent
A603-20X 2K urethane systems.
A630-20X Universal thixotropic agent
A670-20M DIY, Wood coatings
A671-EZ DIY, Wood coatings
BB-102 Aromatic free universal thixotropic agent
F-9030 Epoxy primer, Industrial systems.
PFA-231 Univesal thixotropic agent for industrial and architectural systems.
PFA-250 Aromatic free universal thixotropic agent
3500 High polar systems,Inorganic zinc rich paints

Disparlon Pigment Dependent Thixotropes

Disparlon pigment depended thixotropes are based on Oxidized Polyethylene-Polyamide and wised sued for Metallic orientation and anti settling in Maintainance Systems.

PRODUCT Application
4200-10 Metllic orientations and anti-settling for industrial systems.
4200-20 Anti-settling for maintenance systems.
PF-911 Metllic orientations and anti-settling for industrial systems.
NS-30 Anti-settling for maintenance systems.

Disparlon Hybrid Type Thixotropes SOLVENTBORNE

Disparlon Hybrid type is the latest technology from Kusumoto Chemicals Ltd., as easy to use products for excellent anti settling and pigment orientation for metallic systems.

PRODUCT Application
NS-5500 Excellent metallic orientations and anti-settling for metallic systems.
F-9050 Primer, Industrial systems

Namlon powder type Thixotropes and Anti-Sagging agents SOLVENTBORNE NON SOLVENT

Namlon grades are 100% solids available for application in Protective coating for better.Sag resistance and Anti corrosive properties and works as a flow modifier in Powder coating applications.

PRODUCT Application
Namlon T 205 Alkyds for Solvent based paints etc.
Namlon T 206 Heavy Duty Paints (Epoxies, Chlorinated Rubbers, Alkuds, Oil Modified).

Disparlon Hybrid Type Thixotrope WATERBORNE

Disparlon Hybrid type is the latest technology from Kusumoto Chemicals Ltd., as easy to use products for excellent anti settling, anti sagging and heat resistance properties.

PRODUCT Application
AQH 800 Excellent Anti settling, Anti sagging for various systems.
AQH 810 Excellent Anti settling, Anti sagging for various systems.
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