Poly Urethane Dispersions

Environmental Friendly (NMP/NEP Free) Crosslinking single and two component Aliphatic Resin. Enables excellent chemical and scratch resistance and remarkable hardness, for indoor and outdoor application. Includes speciality resin for Soft Feel, Direct to Metal and Wood Coatings application.

UA-WF-1 S-900 UA-707
Aliphatic Hybrid Self Crosslinking Wood Floor Resin. Aliphatic Soft Feel Resin for Decorative Application Aliphatic Self Crosslinking, Multi-substrate Resin
High Gloss finish Matt finish Gloss finish
Hardness up to 2B Aesthetic Feel Direct to metal application
Scratch resistant Organic PU Beads Scratch resistant
Chemical resistant Scratch resistant 240 hrs salt test
Eco-friendly Chemical resistant Eco-friendly
Eco-friendly Multi Substrate Application – Wall, wood, metal, and Alloys (Steel / Aluminium)
Top coat on wood, concrete, etc

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