Alichem P&C, our Speciality is your Enhancement !

Alichem P&C was founded in 1988 with the aim of creating a commercial entity for the distribution of Pigments and Waxes (hence the acronym P&C) operating in the Italian and European fine chemicals markets. A few years later, we expanded our product portfolio through the introduction of resins for water systems.

Alichem's motto “Our specialty's your enhancement” precisely defines our intention to interact as a collaborator, rather than solely as a supplier. We believe that offering advanced solutions for each individual, different application is the way to achieve this.

Alichem started a production in Italy in 2004. This facility produces compounds based on waxes / PTFE and / or pigments through the management of flexible parameters such as concentration, water / solvent systems and other vehicles (such as resins and monomers). We supply products as per specific customer requests. Alichem's compounds are offered with a wide choice of raw materials, packaging types and manufacturing processes.

    Products :
  •  PTFE/PE micronized waxes
  •  Special Pigments like fluorescent, phosphorescent, thermochromic, photochromic, UV-visible, IR-visible
  •  Resins water-based acrylics for prints and paints for special substrates, especially PVC, aluminum and glass.
  •  Organic and inorganic pigments
  •  Magnetic iron oxide pigments

    Applications :
  •  Inks : raw materials for offset, liquids and screen printing.
  •  Paints : can / coil, industry, wood, decorative and for plastic
  •  Plastic : PTFE and additives for technopolymers and pigments for master-batch
  •  Safety : pigments and waxes for anti-counterfeiting systems
  •  Cosmetics : pigments and waxes for special, tactile and color effects

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