Kusumoto Chemicals are manufacturers for Highly functional additives developed through long-term accumulated original technology of Rheology control, dispersion, and interface control. The additives have contributed to solving problems in a wide range of advanced technologies, primarily in paints & coatings, thereby establishing a firm position and a standard brand.

The Head office is located in Tokyo, Japan with manufacturing, R & D facilities throughout Japan, China, India and Thailand.

They have wide range of applications including printing inks, sealants, and adhesives in addition to paints for automobiles, marine, heavy-duty coating, Floor Coating, Architectural Coating, Wood Coating, contributing to a pleasant environment with industrial materials.

    Typical properties of DISPARLON & NAMLON
  •  Thixotropes
  •  Anti-sagging
  •  Anti-settling
  •  Pigment orientation
  •  Dispersants
  •  Wetting
  •  Stabilizing
  •  Anti-flooding
  •  Anti-foaming
  •  Anti-popping
  •  Anti-cratering
  •  Leveling agents

Kusumoto Chemicals,Ltd Japan,Solution for future technologies.

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