Graphene is two dimensional atomic crystalline layer separated from product like graphite, charcoal etc. it is an allotrope of carbon in the structure of a plan of sp2 bonded atoms with a molecule bond length of 0.142 nanometres.

Main FUNCTIONS of their Graphene are classified as,

Physical Durability :
Weight reduction and improved mechanical properties (Hardness, Scratching Resistance, Tensile Strength, UV Resistance etc.).

Conductive Properties :
High electric conductivity allows to manufacture Conductive lnks, Car Batteries, Filaments, etc. by the addition of Graphene.

Thermal Efficiency :
Graphene-reinforced resin foams exhibit improved thermal and mechanical properties, being suitable to isolation and structural applications.

Smart Coatings :
Dispersed in anti-rust waterborne and solvent-based paints increases their barrier properties conferring enhanced stability and anti-corrosion performances. The high hydrophobicity of Graphene leads to waterproof coatings, anti-fungal and self-cleaning features.

Lubricants :
Multilayers of Graphene in oils results in a significant improvement of their Lubricating, Rheological and Triboelectric properties.

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