Hakusui Tech is one of the leading inorganic chemical producer of, especially, Zinc related product, since 1947. Our technology has expanded from Zinc Oxide production to Zinc Dust, Zirconium Silicate and other chemicals since incorporation, further to the toll manufacturing of inorganic powders and other chemicals.

The knowledge and process technology of long-term Zinc Oxide production lead to the functional material, including Electro-conductive Zinc Oxide, Nano-particle size Zinc Oxide, Large particle Zinc Oxide and other specialties. These materials have been applied to many areas, such as control of electric characteristics, heat dissipation.

    Line up of products:
  • Zinc Oxide: Wide range of applications, including Tire, Rubber, Varister, Ferrite, Glass, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, catalyst and others.
  • Zinc Dust: Anti-corrosion paint, Reduction agent, paste for electric devices
  • Electro-conductive Zinc Oxide: Anti-static, IR shield, TCO, Anti-Bacteria
  • Zirconium Silicate: Ceramics, Refractory, Abrasive

Hakusui Tech Co. Ltd. Japan,We believe that the trusted partnership with you will lead towards the benefit to all.

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