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Unique Social Responsibilities

At Unique Speciality Chemicals, we believe that one of the most important things we can do as a business is to engage in the challenges of the communities we live and work in. Our focus Is not limited to our work within communities, we look at optimum use of available resources in the larger interest of the society —supporting the creation of jobs, improving skills and contributing to social welfare in India. WE PLEDGE TO DO SO ON TIME TO TIME BASIS

Project Vi.Ram
Project Vi.Ram is undoubtedly a venture very close to our hearts. To commemorate the 1st Anniversary of the founder of Unique, Shri. Ramnik Laxmidas Thacker, on 25th July 2021, USR commenced a small movement towards education. We wish to dedicate this project to all those individuals who strive hard to achieve their goals in today’s world. As a tribute to the importance of education in their lives, we, at USR aim to support child education in best possible way. Some of our objectives include providing under privileged students with education tools, imparting scholarships, felicitating and rewarding deserving students and all in all fostering their way to a better life through education. Vi.Ram’s vision is to educate, empower and enrich India’s youth! We wish to take forward our family’s legacy on a larger canvas and help as many students as we can.

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Fly High
In continuation with our promise to work for the improvement of the society, we recently took up our next initiative for Unique Social Responsibility on Makar Sankranti in partnership with the Leo Club of Bombay uptown.

The motto of the initiative was ‘FLY HIGH!’ This means let us all work together and unite to fly high and achieve great heights and make this world a better place. We had organised a trip for 30 + kids around Mumbai in an open bus. The bus ride included music, dance and fun. The kids also visited the Taraporewala aquarium in the city. It was an informative journey full of magical moments. We honestly learned a lot of things from these young innocent hearts. They are an incredible inspiration as they gave us a million reasons to be happy and thankful. Truly the smiles on their faces were the most beautiful and priceless. The day ended with cutting of cake, celebrating the joy and gratefulness. Our team at Unique Speciality Chemicals enjoyed capturing some of the purest and enigmatic moments on this occasion. At the end we would like to thank the members of Leo club and the children for the success of the event.

Relive The Hunger
As all of us are well aware about the hunger problems faced by our country. It is one of the biggest social concerns of India. Starvation retards the rate of progress in a country. This is one the major reason for our country lacking behind compared to the global advancement.

Nearly 194 million people sleep hungry every day. As it is rightly said if you want to see the change, you have to be the change yourself.In order to bring a change we at Unique decided to serve a meal to the poor and needy of our society.We visited an orphanage and served a delicious home cooked meal to the differently abled children of the age group 2 to 14 years.

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Women Empowerment Drive
We at Unique participate in various social & cultural events to support women empowerment. We participated in the Lavasa Women’s Drive (LWD) held in association with The Times of India in order to celebrate the spirit of womanhood. Women from varied walks of life join hands to showcase the true drive and creativity in them. This has not only broken the myth about women and driving, but also reinforced our passion for various causes we support including the cause of Cancer Prevention through Early Detection.

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